Anyzing5 is a suite of 40 standard meetings for every kind of organisation, community or teamwork situation audits, quality improvement, process and product redesign, strategy, plans, feedback, innovation, risk analysis, stakeholder events, focus groups and team building.
Creating our Future is a whole-of organisation change management program designed to align the interests of staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

BizKit is a program created by Maggie Alexander, of M&M Consulting. It comprises a sophisticated suite of Continuous Improvement, Business Process Re-engineering, New Business Creation and Team Development.

Managed Innovation is a creative approach to the development of new products, services and processes by Managed Innovation, a consulting firm that helps business transform the way it approaches product development. It helps inform decision making to determine the best of breed new product or process concepts.

My Town is a holistic approach to sustainable development by Dr. Peter Ellyard, a leading Australian futurist. The program has been trialed in 20 Australian cities and towns including Canberra, Geelong, Booroondarra and Tumut in Australia and is currently under development.

Energizing People and their Enterprise

As a result of a Positive MatrixTM meeting, people experience a renewed connection. Participants say: we experienced “team work, team spirit, increased creativity, collaborative challenge, flow and it’s inspiring.”