Zing offers a wide range of software titles, hardware and training options. You can purchase a packaged kit or create a system or network to suit your exact needs.

Anyzing5 face-to-face with full suite of tools.
Zingthing3 for the internet and intranets.

Standard 104 keyboard.
Cherry mini keyboards.

Consultant case: Aircraft cabin compliant with wheels and extension handle.
Conference case: Ruggedised aluminium case with wheels and extension handle

Multiplexer kit
Multiplexer, 3 x 4-way cables, 12 x 5m extension cables, AC adapter, serial cable, and optional Serial-USB adapter for Windows 95,98, NT, 2000 and XP.

Server kit
Software server to run the Zingthing3 software application.

Consultant portable kit: 8 mini-cherry keyboards, multiplexer kit, small aluminium case, choice of Anyzing5 or Zingthing3 software
Conference portable kit: 12 mini Cherry keyboards, multiplexer kit, large aluminium case, choice of Anyzing5 or Zingthing3 software
Standard fixed kit: 12 standard Cherry keyboards, multiplexer kit, choice of Anyzing5 or Zingthing3 software

Web or network bundle: Site license for 12 computers or keyboards, Zing server software.
Team-to-team bundle: Two site Zing system comprising Site license for 24 computers of keyboards, 2 multiplexer kits, 24 standard keyboards, choice of keyboards
Multiple site bundles: Site license for 48 computers or keyboards, Zing server software, 4 multiplexer kits, 48 standard keyboards, choice of keyboards.
Site licenses: Zingthing3 web software in bundles of 24, 48, 96, 144, 256, 512, 1028


Facilitator: one-day training for six people
Advanced Facilitator: two-day training for four-people
Trainer: three-day training for two people
Master Trainer: three-day certification process for one person.

Trainer accreditation: a half day audit of a facilitation and training skills and knowledge.