Zing publishes a wide range of collaborative titles from leading educators, academics and business consultants. :

Business programs Education and Community programs
BizKit: a complete business renewal program including business process innovation
Cannected: for community renewal
Dreams, Memes & Themes: 50 workshops to transform your organisation
Generating Genius: every child can become a genius by learning how to think and behave in ten new ways
Free the Genie: 55 x 15-minute meetings to kick start innovation and creativity
Philosophical Journey: Who am I? and Where do I belong in the universe?
Matrix Thinking: re-invent your products and processes using
13 x 5 provocations.
Relating Well: 100 self-facilitated meetings for students aged 7-16 to explore the rules of dating, deal with bullying and racism and make the transition to adulthood.
The Ethics Cycle: ethics for contractors.
Researching Well: 40 workshops to learn how to be a researcher by collaborating with others.
Positive Matrix: An Appreciative Inquiry approach to energizing people and their enterprise.
School Futures: a program to revitalise schools involving every member of the school community – teachers, parents, citizens and students.
Working Wisely: An ethical approach to professional development for early childhood professionals.