School Futures helps schools and educational organisations make decisions about their future, what professional development to undertake, new pedagogical issues strategies to consider, what technology to acquire, how to raise funds to pay for new resources, how to market schools and how to involve students.

Learning as a Game is a professional development program that helps teachers to quickly and easily implement a constructivist model of teaching and learning. Participants work and learn in teams, use thinking processes, create their own new knowledge, design their own lessons, facilitate classroom learning activities and conduct planning and problem solving session for business and community groups.

Working Well is a program to promote improved work skills in young people, particularly offenders. It has been created by special education lecturer and researcher Dr. June Slee of the University of Western Sydney for the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice.

Thinking Well is designed to develop thinking and problem-solving strategies in a range of curriculum contexts, in primary and middle school classrooms. It scaffolds thinking skills and processes in authentic group and team contexts including listening, goal and problem identification and specification, brainstorming, sequencing, data gathering, visualizing, imagining solutions, monitoring effort and progress toward goals, checking outcomes, redirecting unsuccessful actions, forward planning, revising and evaluating, developing and testing new strategies, drawing conclusions, and generating rules and new problems. In the affective domain, Thinking Well focuses on agency, building confidence, empathy, tolerance for others' ideas, persistence, cooperation, attention to detail, and taking responsibility for decisions and actions.

Generating Genius is a suite of ten units that will enable teachers to explore productive thinking through the application of processes that unlock the imagination and creative thinking of students as well as tap into their passions.

The theory for this learning process emanated from Michael Michalko's paper on "Thinking Like a Genius: Eight strategies used by the super creative, from Aristotle and Leonardo to Einstein and Edison."

Students learn to use metaphors, seize the moment, create their own learning worlds, produce evolving iterations, produce constantly and use the new learning across the curriculum in new and imaginative ways.




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