Anyzing 5 is software for teams. The team’s ideas are instantly visible for everyone to see, as they are created. The software runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP and on Macs with Windows emulation. All you need is a serial port or serial to USB converter.

Facilitated session: A facilitator manages the software. The team members follow the facilitator’s instructions. The facilitator types in an issue, loads a standard template containing a proven thinking or decision method and begins. The software presents questions or issues in a logical sequence. People type their ideas in a “playspace” and send them to the teamspace where they collect ready for further discussion. Facilitators can also craft their own set of questions, change the order, save them as a template and re-use the template, making improvements to the process.

Click to discuss: Just click on any idea and it becomes your next agenda item. All the ideas people then contribute are linked to that idea.

Themes: Ask the team to make sense of the ideas on the screen, then capture the common themes.

Inspirations: The team is presented with random “What if you could…..” provocations to challenge or extend their thinking.

Automatic save:
All your ideas are saved even if you forget.

Navigation aids: trace the flow of ideas up to eight layers deep. Every idea that has attachments is marked black for more ideas, grey for images or web sites and pink for both.

Agenda Creator: Brainstorm a question sequence, then change the order and save it for a fast start to a future meeting. Great for trainers, teachers and instructional designers to create new meta-cognitive tools.

Separate working: Each member of the team can work on a different topic at the same time using the same thinking or decision process.

Action Plans: All members of the team can prepare action plans, in Who:What:How:When or 1:2:3:4:5 formats

Timer: Zing has two timers. The session timer counts down the hours and minutes.The activity timer keeps the team on task through the Talk-Type-Read-Summarise steps for each agenda item.

Reports: Choose from 10 reports. You can print or export the entire session organised by layer, agenda item and keyboard. Or you can print the contributions from a single keyboard. Export ideas in Word, Excel, html and other formats.