You can connect up to 96 people into the same real-time meeting, anywhere in the world. Just choose the server, click on the current meeting and join the discussion.

Zing web meetings are coordinated by a facilitator: One of the participants has responsibility for preparing for the meeting, inviting participants and allocating the amount of time to spend on each issue. The facilitator can send off-line instructions to the team.

Agenda: Every meeting has an agenda,which is prepared by the facilitator in advance of the meeting or selected from standard meetings. Everyone works on the same topic in parallel.Everyone gets a copy of the agenda at the start of the meeting. Latecomers receive all the discussion as soon as they connect. Anyone can add a new agenda item or upload files for others to view.

Timer and Etiquette: a timer and an on-line etiquette of Talk-Type-Read-Review organize the meeting. The facilitator and all participants can see what everyone else is "saying" in real-time, keystroke by keystroke or word-for-word. You know who is still working on an idea and who has finished.