Knowledge Creation Press packages and publishes expertsí thinking and decision model titles for every day use by facilitators, consultants, learners and managers.

KCP has a team of writers, artists and programmers that can create a compiled version of a prototype software title at very low cost ready for testing with customers.

Each title comprises a software program based on the Zing technology that makes it easy to use the authorís thinking or decision methods, check lists, slide shows, simulations and provocations, a book that explains the theory and provides case studies and a manual for the training of licensees.

KCP publishes three kinds of on-line titles:

Professional titles for facilitators and managers including strategy, risk management, marketing, innovation, customer relations, continuous improvement, mediation, problem-based learning, organisation change, behaviour change, government and community participation.

Academic titles for delivery via by tutorials or syndicate meetings which contain a significant component of process knowledge i.e. education, management, psychology and philosophy or many benefit from group interaction, such as language courses.

Consumer titles including introductory versions of management titles for small business, New Age, philosophy, self-improvement particularly in relationships with others, social entrepreneurship, environmental issues and K-12 on-line education.