Meeting Process Redesign is a practical process redesign method that cuts meeting costs by over 50% and increases organisation productivity. A Zing consultant audits all your meetings, then recommends where to begin to reduce time wasting and improve satisfaction with the outcomes.

A pilot project is undertaken to redesign the five most dysfunctional and time wasting meetings in the organisation. The meetings are implemented using the Zing system and evaluated by the staff to determine what improvements have been achieved.

Surveys conducting by Zing found that managers spend 20-80% of their time in meetings and staff spend 10-20% of the time in meetings and training. The Top 10 problems that people have with meetings are:

20% of the people do 80% of the talking.
People will not say what they think for fear of reprisals.
There are too many meetings, held too often.
The minutes do not reflect what people said.
People leave meetings with a conflicting understanding of what was    discussed
No or few decisions are made.
Important information is not available or overlooked in making decisions.
Groups made decisions and are over-ruled by managers.
Meetings lack focus.
Meetings take too long.