Template editor: Create thinking or decision processes in a few minutes. Attach web sites, images, slide shows, videos and other documents. Brainstorm questions as a team and save as a template for later use.

Vote: Yes-No for quick opinions. X-Y for risk-impact analysis. Multiple Choice helps the team choose the best option. Scale is ideal for market and academic research using any of eight popular scales: acceptance, feelings, frequency, Likert, importance, quality, satisfaction or truth. Rank lists ideas in the preferred order. Weight allows people to allocate more votes to their favourite ideas.

Sort: Create instant categories and sort the ideas. Send the short list to a vote or back to the teamspace for further work. Re-order agenda items.

Integrate several ideas into a single concept. Craft a decision or create product names.

Secret Writing: Ideas can be contributed anonymously using the Secret Writing tool. Asterisks replace normal text and the playspaces fill the screen. It is used in corporate settings where people are reluctant to say what they think or feel. In the school classroom participants it ensure students are unable to copy the work of others.

Themes: Make sense of the collective wisdom of the team. Record they key issues or concepts.

Categories: Add a supplementary question to the current discussion. Separate before and after ideas.