We all share a common vision of the future... of a world where every third millionaire has made her fortune from the cyberspace industry. Every one of us will be comfortable working with all kinds of devices made with silicon chips or optical fibers, with games and learning delivered on Internet TV, tools to facilitate meetings, thinking and data presentation, electronic commerce and community governance systems.

We will value creativity. We will continue to accept and benefit from our professional, cultural, personality and thinking styles differences. We will recognize that much of our success stems from being a community of many cultures, harmoniously living as one. We will value equality, harmony and co-operation and the ability to constantly and constructively question everything.

It is upon these values our future knowledge-based products and services will be created. Our industry's task is to work and add value to our experts in any field. From dry land farming to community safety. Teamwork on the sports field or in the workplace. Project management. Hard rock mining. Food processing. Water harvesting. Environmental rehabilitation. We will help our fellow citizens deliver smarter products and services faster and more cheaply, anywhere in the world.

The communities in which we live and work will know full employment from empowering our children to believe they can learn faster than anyone else to create any future we want. Our world will no longer be a place of confusing products, scientific formulas or complex processes known only to experts, inaccessible government programs, or limits to how we can do things. Our competitive advantage will derive from how fast, and how well we all can implement our native originality and creative expertise, for our own use, and the betterment of all.

We will capitalize on accelerating change. We will have finally recognized that the rate of change is related to the speed at which we all accumulate, share and apply new knowledge. In the emerging Knowledge Economy the early recognition and adoption of new ideas - our intellectual capital - will be the secret of our future success.

We will learn to value intellectual activity and success. We will capitalize on our brainpower by creating and sustaining successful global Lifestyle Technology brands. We will have created "heroes" within our industry. We will welcome those with the expertise, distribution channels or resources we lack. We will learn from those who have already been very successful, and know the way.

We promise to make the Complex Simpler. Help People Learn Faster. Equip all of us with the tools and abilities to think and act like experts, in any field. Create a democracy in which both the individual and the team are equally important. Establish processes for rewarding or respecting those who are successful in adding value to our society. We will foster an investment climate in which many "Cyberspace Beach" millionaires will grow. Some will be attracted back from the relative boredom of former centers of excitement, overseas.

We will build the infrastructure for on-line democracy and commerce. On-line anywhere, anytime, with anyone. We will partner with our customers in other countries so they too are empowered. We will grow bigger markets together for products and services we know are needed, but on our own we were unable to create. We will deliver these new products and services to customers in parts of the world we felt we could never reach, because of cultural or economic barriers, the lack of a mutually respectful relationship or our own uncertainty. We will help create a better world for all to enjoy.

Cyberspace Beach, the nicest place in Cyberspace...