The Zing team meeting system - multiplexer and keyboards - can be connected to a Notebook computer and be ready for a meeting within 15 minutes of arriving at the conference venue, customer premises or retreat.

Consultant kit: The kit is designed for consultants, facilitators and line managers who want to improve their productivity and profitability by conducting meetings anywhere without the need for technical support staff such as technographers. Twelve miniature RollAKeyboard flexible keyboards. The case is made of fine aluminium and has an extension handle and wheels. It is aircraft carry-on compliant and weighs only 7Kg.

Conference kit: The Conference kit is designed for consultants, business and government or meeting hire companies who run large meetings or interactive events and need a robust high quality miniature keyboard protected by a heavy duty case. The kit includes 12 high quality miniature Cherry keyboards. The case is made of ruggedised aluminium and has wheels and an extension handle. It weighs 17Kg. The kit is the most popular in our range.

Networked computer kit: The kit comprises eight notebook computers or tablet PCs with wireless communication with the intranet software installed for an instant executive meetings.