In the emerging Knowledge Age, the world is transforming so rapidly and becoming so complex that new tools and roles are needed for humankind to survive.

A new breed of technologies called Knowledge Creation Tools (KCT) is making it possible and necessary for ordinary people to use the skills previously the exclusive preserve of experts - lawyers, psychologists, doctors, lecturers, teachers, politicians and policy makers. In this world the former separate roles of information technologist, management consultant, guru, academic, teacher, trainer and entertainer are all rolled into one - the Interactor.

Why is this happening? Humans have become a very successful species through the use of tools. Since we separated from the apes, there have been five cultural paradigm shifts Hunter-gatherer (before circa 3,000BC), Agriculture (3,000BC-1700s), Industrial (1700s-1950s), Information (1950-1990) and Knowledge (1990+). During each wave of change new tools have been created which which automate the work of the previous era by capturing the knowledge and making it available to more people.

We now need KCTs to ensure we can continue to create new knowledge wisely. Zing is a technology that helps us do this.