Zing makes a range of schools products that allow for both teacher-led and student-led guided discovery learning.

Star: The Star configuration allows 24-36 students to participate simultaneously in a collaborative learning community. A central console equipped with six monitors plus an optional facilitator teacher-monitor supports six classroom tables each equipped with two keyboards. Students work in dyads or triads within a larger team of 4-6 at each table

Teams: Six teams of students in groups of 5-6 are seated at standard team tables arranged so that all students face the front of the room where the software image is displayed on a large screen, typically 3m diagonal.

Formal: The Formal classroom configuration allows 24 students working in dyads in a conventional classroom layout of rows of desks with two students to a desk. Each dyad shares a keyboard. The image is displayed on a large screen at the front of the classroom.

Project: The Project configuration allows students to create and facilitate the own learning activities with support from a teacher who is skilled as a Knowledge Navigator. The classroom comprises a Zing team room for 8-12 students, a suite of six computers and worktables or desks for 12.

Partly-portable: Some schools acquire a kit of standard keyboards and cables plus a portable kit so they can set up a permanent classroom and borrow the multiplexer and power pack temporarily for school events and professional development.