Teams can obtain instant feedback about their group composition, attitudes and performance using the Questionnaire Tool before, during and after a session. The software calculates team and individual indexes.

The facilitator prepares a series of questions or statements accompanied by a standard set of 2,3,4, or 5 item responses yes-no, like-dislike, agree-disagree, and output ranges 3,4 or 5 divisions. The votes are completed by the group in rapid succession. In 60 seconds you have your feedback.

A tool that gives a measure of both individual learner and whole-of class engagement is now available from Zing and more are to follow. The tool is based on Flow Theory, which finds that people such as jazz musicians, skiers or rock climbers feel "in the groove", or a sense of euphoria when the task is fun, challenging but doable, and where they become so involved in a task that they lose a sense of the passing of time. Schools students who are engrossed in an enjoyable activity also experience Flow.