Your can quickly connect teams in two or more locations using a combination of Zing’s Internet software and Zing multiplexer kits and keyboards. The software connects teams of up to 12 people at each site into the conference through a single computer. This ensures quick connection or reconnection to the meeting.

Business can connect up to 96 staff gathered at their regional offices anywhere in a country or the world. The software also provides structure for multi-point videoconferencing so they are considerably more effective and better organised. When staff are travelling, they can easily connect from wherever they are to staff meetings or conferences. Schools can connect classroom-to-classroom to facilitate shared learning activities with schools anywhere in the world. Networks of small schools can learn on-line with subject specialists they could not otherwise afford to employ. Experts, citizens, teachers and content experts anywhere can join the school classroom from their homes or business. Consultants and Conference organisers can easily connect several conference venues into the same meeting. Guest Interactors can join a live conference session from their home or office without leaving home.