Here are some typical responses from people who participate in Zing team meeting or learning sessions:

Teachers said: "everyone seemed to be engaged, enjoying themselves and free to share their ideas no matter how silly. "There was a "greater sense of fun, humor and energy than at "normal" meetings and the sessions were characterized by "immediate involvement", "humor, laughter, aliveness", a "higher energy level" and a "high level of participation by all".

School students aged 9-11 had this to say: "It was good bcause we learned more about people's ideas". "Its really fun". "It was a more interesting way of learning". "We felt grown up" and "you didnt have to do handwriting." We have "never seen these cool keyboards before and learnt about clones and it seemed as though everyone one had learned something."

University lecturers said: "No one can hide." "Everyone has to commit a thought." "It's just like instant messaging. The students would like it and stay engaged." It "gives everyone a voice. Everyone is involved" and you "get a chance to learn from others". You "quickly learn to see a variety of perspectives."

Managers of a large corporation said: it was an "excellent process to harvest ideas in neutral environment". It "enables everyone to participate in the thought processes, "removes all boundaries" and "eliminates my view versus yours". It also "helps you to use both sides of your brain."

The host of a business strategy meeting said: "All the feedback I have received from yesterday was extremely positive. We accomplished more in one day than what we did in two in previous years. Also we were able to share the input across all the group rather than in individual breakout groups".